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Beneath The Hawthorn offers high-quality, hand-crafted products for ritual use or gifts as well as one of a kind items. 

We only offer products we personally use or make ourselves; therefore, we are proud to offer these items for your use as well.

Persephone's Bliss eStore

The Gothic Reliquary eStore

The header graphic and dividers were created by GinELF exclusively for Beneath The Hawthorn.  See more of her work, have your fantasy portrait created, or check out GinELF's other services at her website: Art Pinups

Herbal Magick Votives
Herbal Magick Pillars


Full Moon Ritual
New Moon Ritual

Jewelry and Goth/Metaphysical Tee Shirts

Spiritual Jewelry and Talismans
The Gothic Reliquary Jewelry - pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, Gothic Tees


Astrological Consultations
Astrology Readings
Tarot Readings
Oracle Readings
Mojo Service

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Beneath The Hawthorn...Magickal Gifts.  We are pleased to offer ritual items, Crystal Journey Candles, Original spells and spell kits, aromatherapy, jewelry, herbals, and so much more!
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